Q. What is your mission

To ensure that violent criminals who have committed violent crimes against innocent victims serve their maximum sentences and ensure that victims and their families are well represented in the parole process.


Q: Why did you start this organization?

Our founder and president, Bret Vinocur, started the the organization in 2002 after seeing the cases of Danielle Van Dam and Samantha Runnion on television. Danielle and Samantha were kidnapped in their neighborhoods and later found murdered. Mr.Vinocur was frustrated there was so little information about missing and murdered children on the Internet at that time so he created Find Missing Kids,Inc. A short time later he uncovered the case of Laura Skinner who was raped and murdered by her mothers boyfriend. After learning Laura had no voice, and that her killer had been paroled multiple times with no opposition, Mr. Vinocur began focusing on parole cases. Block Parole Inc. was created a short time later.


Q. Why aren’t you a 501(c) 3 organization/ Why isn’t my donation tax deductible?

We seriously considered becoming a 501(c)3 organization when we started our work however the government restrictions that would have been imposed on us would have greatly limited our ability to help the victims and their families. In addition, filing for tax exempt status would have prohibited us from advocating for laws and prohibited us from exposing elected officials who are not acting in the best interests of the victims and the public. While this decision has made it difficult for us financially we feel it is more important to do the right thing.


Q. How can I help your cause?

You can CLICK HERE to to make a financial donation. You can also visit the Parole Petitions Page and submit a petition to block a parole.


Our Work

Q. How do I request assistance?

Please fill out our Assistance Request Form.


Q. Do you charge for your Services.

Absolutely not. Our services have always been and will always be free to the victims/ victim’s families who work with us.


Q. Do you accept all parole cases?

No. We only handle violent crime cases that involve innocent victims. Examples of cases we would NOT handle are drug deals gone bad, crimes related to gang activity, cases involving organized crime, and purely accidental crimes such as a bar fight that got out of control.


Q. Do you only handle Ohio cases?

While we are based in Ohio and the majority of our cases are from Ohio we do handle cases from other states.


Q. How do you decide what cases to accept?

First we review the case to ensure it meets our criteria. We then accept cases on a first come first serve basis. Since each case is very labor intensive we can only handle a limited number of cases each year. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible.


Q. Do you support/ work with other petition web sites?

We take the security and safety of our victims, victim’s families, and our supporters very seriously. We have strong concerns about many of the petition web sites on the Internet and do not support or recommend them.


Q. What if my question is not answered here?

Please visit our “Contact Us” page and you can fill out a simple form to ask your question. You can also feel free to ask your question by email or by phone.


Thank you for visiting blockparole.com and we appreciate you helping us in our effort to make a difference.