Michael Wilmore (inmate)

Michael Wilmore (inmate)

Inmate Paroled: Child Killer 


Michael Wilmore beat his friend’s one-year-old son to death with a hairbrush

Michael Wilmore
Michael Wilmore
Inmate Name: Michael Wilmore
Inmate Number: A324099
Victim: Ky’Jhon Montae Gates
Offenses: Involuntary Manslaughter; Drug Abuse
Min/ Max Sentence: 9 Years – 25 Years
Next Parole Hearing: NA/ Inmate Paroled June 1, 2016 (On Supervision until: 05/03/2021)

Case Summary

Michael Wilmore brutally beat his friend’s one-year-old son to death with a hairbrush while “disciplining” the child. A plea deal allowed Wilmore to receive a minimal 9- 25 year sentence. Although Wilmore has a long criminal history and has had continued behavior problems while in prison, including acts of violence.

Michael Wilmore Case

A Violent Beating

On the evening of April 22nd 1996 Staci Gates left her three young children in the care of her friend Michael Wilmore. When she returned to Wilmore’s home at approximately 3:00 AM she found her one-year-old son, Ky’Jhon Montae Gates unresponsive. She then contacted Cleveland Ohio Police who arrived minutes later with emergency medical personnel and Cleveland Fire Rescue. They began working on little Ky’Jhon and took him to St. Vincent Charity Hospital where he was admitted in the emergency room at 3:19 AM in full cardiopulmonary arrest. Hospital staff attempted to save Ky’Jhon however his injuries were too severe. Ky’Jhon was pronounced dead at 3:47 AM April 23, 1995.

Ky’Jhon had been beaten severely. The coroner determined Ky’Jhon suffered contusions of the forehead, right temple, right buttock and right and left legs. The multitudes of injuries were determined to be the cause of death.

Baby Killer Gets A Minimal Sentence

Police arrested Michael Wilmore and detectives learned he killed Ky’Jhon while “disciplining” him. According to his parole records Ky’Jhon’s mother returned to pick up her children and found Wilmore in a panic. She then called police. According to Wilmore, Ky’Jhon had roach powder and a penny in his mouth so to discipline him he beat Ky’Jhon with a hairbrush causing his injuries. He claimed when he put Ky’Jhon to bed he was all right and during the night he noticed Ky’Jhon wasn’t’t breathing and he preformed CPR. Police also learned that Wilmore was awaiting trial after being charged with possessing six crack rocks four months earlier .Wilmore was charged him with involuntary manslaughter as well as three counts of child endangering with violence specifications.

For reasons we cannot explain the prosecutor’s office allowed Wilmore to plead guilty to one count of involuntary manslaughter and dropped all the other charges. Wilmore received a sentence of 9-25 years for killing little Ky’Jhon. Wilmore also received one additional year for possessing the crack rocks in January 1996.

A Long Criminal History and Poor Prison Behavior

This was not Wilmore’s first run in with the law. He had been convicted for a series of crimes including: receiving and concealing a stolen vehicle in 1987, grand theft of a motor vehicle and possessing criminal tools in 1989, drug abuse in 1991, and theft in 1994.

While Wilmore has completed several programs while in prison his behavior raises serious concerns.

In 2010 Wilmore was scheduled to go to a halfway house. That privilege was revoked when Wilmore forged a staff member’s name on a cash slip.

The 2011 parole records state, “His most recent discipline in 2007, coupled with his prior discipline and his prior criminal history is enough to raise concern about his judgment.”

In 2013 the parole board cited Wilmore “had marginal institutional conduct.”

On 11/7/2014 the parole board denied Wilmore’s request to be placed in a halfway house citing “The inmate has recent negative conduct that consisted of violence which brings inmate’s judgment into question as to how to problem solve-diffuse situations and not appear impulsive-violent.”

Then inexplicably on 3/8/15, four months later, the Ohio Parole Board completely changed their position when they granted Wilmore parole. The records state, “The inmate has very good staff evaluation(s) and letters of support. The inmate expressed remorse, submitted a goal setting document, and an apology letter. The inmate is currently on the reintegration unit. There is family support and financial support available. The inmate has served significant time-willing to give an opportunity to be successful on parole.”

It should also be noted that Wilmore’s behavior problems occurred AFTER he took classes to address his criminal and violent behavior.

No Parole

Michael Wilmore brutally beat one-year-old Ky’Jhon Gates to death with a hairbrush. Rather than face a life sentence, a plea deal allowed Wilmore to receive a 25-year maximun sentence. While he has admitted to his crime and taken classes Wilmore continues to demonstrate poor judgment while in prison including acts of violence. In addition, for some unknown reason the Ohio Parole Board granted Wilmore parole despite the fact four months earlier they denied his placement in a halfway house due to negative conduct and violent behavior.

Based on Michael Wilmore’s long criminal history, his poor behavior in prison, and the fact he brutally beat an innocent one-year-old child to death we believe he should be required to serve his full 25-year sentence. To further the interests of justice and protect the society we urge the Ohio Parole Board to continue Michael Wilmore to his maximum 25-year sentence.