Kimmie Wilson (inmate)

Kimmie Wilson (inmate)

Next Parole Hearing : April 2020 


Kimmie Wilson kicked her two-year-old daughter to death

Kimmie Wilson
Kimmie Wilson
Inmate Name: Kimmie Wilson
Inmate Number: W037422
Victim: Sh-Keisha Long
Offenses: Murder; Endanger Child
Min/ Max Sentence: 15 years – Life
Next Parole Hearing: April 2020

Case Summary

Kimmie Wilson abused her daughter Sh-Keisha Long since the the day she was born. Sh-Keisha was placed in foster care twice due to the serious abuse and neglect. Less than two months after being placed back with her mother the second time Sh-Keisha was kicked to death by Wilson, the one person who was supposed to protect her, for soiling her diaper.

Kimmie Wilson Case

A Life Of Neglect And Abuse

By the age of two years old Sh-Keisha Long thoroughly understood the meaning of the words abuse and neglect. She was the youngest of the six children born to Kimmie Wilson. Wilson’s six children had three different fathers and all lived with Wilson and Sh-Keisha’s father, who was also the father of two of the other children in the home. All of the children had been regularly abused and neglected however Sh-Keisha suffered the worst of it.

When Sh-Keisha was born her parents gave her to a friend who took care of Sh-Keisha. The baby was doing wonderful until the friend had to go in for surgery. The friend gave Sh-Keisha back to her parents and less than a month later, in January 1993, Wilson brought Sh-Keisha back to the hospital. She was diagnosed with severe dehydration, a failure to thrive and was having seizures. I addition Sh-Keisha had lost one-third of her body weight.

On January 28, 1993 The Department of Family Services placed Sh-Keisha in foster care. Sh-Keisha thrived in foster care until January 13, 1995 when she was reunited with he parents. Eight days after being placed back with her parents Sh-Keisha was in the hospital once again. Her father took her this time and she was now suffering from second and third degree burns on her lower extremities. Authorities were told Sh-Keisha suffered the burns while in the care of her mother. According to her parents she suffered the burns when one of her siblings turned on the hot water during a bath. Healthcare workers said the burns came from a blunt object.

Sh-Keisha was again removed from the home on January 21, 1995 and placed back in foster care. On April 28, 1995 children’s services put Sh-Keisha back in her parent’s home a second time. Less than two months later Sh-Keisha would be dead.

A Brutal and Deadly Beating

On June 11, 1995, at 12:02AM, the Cleveland Emergency Medical Service responded to a call for assistance from Kimmie Wilson. According to Wilson she went looking through her house and could not find Sh-Keisha. She claimed she found Sh-Keisha under the bed gasping for air with her eyes rolling up into her head. By the time medical personal arrived Sh-Keisha was unresponsive. She was transported to Metro Health Medical Center and was admitted at 12:30 AM in full cardiopulmonary arrest. Hospital personnel did everything they could however Sh-Keisha was pronounced dead at 12:41AM.

The coroner determined that Sh-Keisha died from multiple impacts to the face and scalp with acute subdural hematoma and cerebral edema. They also found various bruises all over Sh-Keisha’s body.

A Child Killer Gets A Life Sentence

On June 12, 1995, one day after Sh-Keisha’s death, police arrested Kimmie Wilson and Sh-Keisha ‘s father. Sh-Keisha’s five siblings had been removed from the home immediately after Sh-Keisha’s death. Police released Sh-Keisha’s father after determining he was not home at the time of the beating. Police learned that when Sh-Keisha soiled her diaper Kimmie Wilson began kicking her unmercifully. She kicked little Sh-Keisha repeatedly in the head, back, arms, legs, buttocks and face until she crawled under the bed as punishment. After the beating Wilson threatened the other children and warned them not to talk or tell anyone what had happened.

Kimmie Wilson was charged with aggravated murder for killing Sh-Keisha, as well as felonious assault, two counts of child endangering with a violence specification, and intimidation. Realizing she was facing a possible death sentence Wilson agreed to a plea bargain. She pled guilty to murder and received a 15-year to life sentence. She also pled guilty to two counts of child endangering, receiving an additional three to five years for each count, as well intimidation who gave her another two-year sentence. All sentences were to run concurrently (at the same time). At sentencing Wilson’s defense attorneys claimed she had a drug problem for which she had received help. Wilson’s final request, to visit Sh-Keisha’s grave on the way to prison, was denied.

In 1998 Wilson appealed her case claiming she had a “mental disease” and she “may not have understood the wrongfulness of her conduct”. She also blamed her lawyers and claimed ineffective council. The appeals court reviewed the testimony of Dr. Nancy Huntsman who interviewed Wilson before her trial. Dr. Huntsman. Huntsman advised the court “Miss Wilson did not suffer from a severe mental illness or defect and that she did know the wrongfulness of acting as it has been alleged she acted.” Her appeal was subsequently denied.

No Parole

Kimmie Wilson is a cold-blooded child killer who brutally kicked her two-year-old daughter Sh-Keisha to death. In addition, Wilson had a history of abusing Sh-Keisha prior to her death so severely that she was twice placed in foster care. Rather than take responsibility for her actions Wilson blamed her actions on drugs and mental illness. Releasing Kimmie Wilson at any point before her maximum sentence would be a complete injustice to Sh-Keisha long and would demean Wilson’s cruelty to her. In order to further the interests of justice and to protect society we urge the Ohio Parole Board to give Kimmie Wilson the maximum continuance of ten years at all future parole hearings.